Let’s set the record straight—sensitive skin can happen to all of us. For a long time people thought sensitive was a ‘type,’ but it can actually occur across any variation of skin. Here we explain what it is, and the best way to treat it.

Published on: 20th November, 2018

By: Assoc Professor Greg Goodman

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Defining your triggers

There are many different levels of skin sensitivity and just as many triggers, so defining what makes yours sensitive is the first step towards an appropriate skincare routine.


Know the difference between sensitivity and irritability

Founder of Script Skincare, Associate Professor Greg Goodman explains.
“Many people believe that their skin is sensitive, but what the majority of us really experience is short-term irritability, which occurs when adding a new or active preparation to our skin. This often requires a short period of adaptation, after which time the skin no longer feels irritable. True sensitive skin occurs in those that have a skin disease such as rosacea or those who have an actual allergy.”


How do I manage my sensitive skin?

It is essential to first categorise what type of sensitive skin you have. You can do this via the Script Skincare test online or in-store.

Script Skincare divides sensitive skin into three levels—knowing your level will ensure you get the right products.

Determining whether you have a short-term irritability, skin disease or true allergy is important so that your triggers can be defined and avoided.

In general, for those that have a severe level 3 sensitivity, the most basic skin care can only be utilised, and this generally means eliminating active ingredients completely, or using very limited quantities, as the aim is to remove as many potential irritants as possible.

If ‘actives’ are to be introduced, it will usually be in the form of peptides or growth factors that act as messengers in the skin rather than products that re-model the skin.

Sometimes, the best way to solve the problem is to ask more questions. Our Script Skincare practitioners are always here to listen, and our test is designed to get to the heart of your concerns and provide you with products that work.

Take the test today — your skin will thank you

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