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Vascular Laser Treatment
(excel® V)

They say red is the colour of attraction and in the case of the excel® V laser this is certainly true. This highly effective laser just loves the colour red, it seeks it out to effectively treat concerns such as redness, broken blood vessels, and sun damage.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL)

In a perfect world your skin would be as even in tone as Beyoncé’s voice. But if your skin needs a little help reaching those high notes, Limelight IPL could be for you. This impressive, non-invasive treatment improves skin tone and texture in less than an hour.

Laser Genesis™ Treatment

Laser Genesis™ is our perfect bite-sized lunchtime treatment. Why? Because it’s quick, has zero downtime and gives you an instantly satisfying result. Designed to stimulate the skin’s natural processes it reverses the signs of ageing and sun damage.

HydraFacial® Treatment

Four steps. 45 minutes. One happy face.

Our HydraFacial® is a luxurious treatment designed to boost your skin by targeting free radical damage. Think of it as an express highway to a glowing complexion — attainable on your lunch break.

Skin Peels

Think of skin peels as being a formula one car for your skin. While your active skincare is doing an incredible job of getting you from A to B every day, your skin peels accelerate your skin from zero to one hundred in under 30 minutes.



Skin Needling Treatment

Let’s write your skin’s future, our prediction? It’s going to have a happy ending.

SkinPen® AKA microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure, that is medical grade, state-of-the-art and designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

Tribella™ Treatment

Combines the power of three unique non-surgical procedures into one complete skin tightening and rejuvenation package. Indeed, it will leave your skin feeling tighter than a pair of jeans fresh from the dryer.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment
(Venus DiamondPolar™)

Consider Venus DiamondPolar™ the express way to tighten and contour skin. Painless. Safe. No downtime.

Fractionated Radio Frequency Treatment
(Venus Viva™)

The Venus Viva™ delivers microscopic columns of radio frequency energy through the epidermis down to where collagen lives in the dermis. By precisely delivering heat to the collagen the energy damages it, stimulating the body’s healing response, which is to increase the production of fibroblasts, which in turn increases collagen production.

A magic wand? No, a non-invasive and effective treatment for facial rejuvenation that also addresses acne scarring, skin laxity, skin texture, fine lines, pores, wrinkles… so pretty close.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment
(Venus Versa™)

Venus Versa IPL is a non-invasive treatment that calls upon high intensity pulses of visible light to improve the appearance of pigmentation, discolouration and redness. We can also tailor the treatment to specific wavelengths of light to target acne bacteria and inflammation reducing the severity of breakouts.

It’s no coincidence that this non-invasive machine shares its name with the goddess of beauty, because by improving your skin’s tone and texture, it will ensure you love the skin you wake up in.

Qswitched YAG Laser Treatment

Talk about versatile, the IRIS does it all. This Q-switch YAG laser treats pigmented lesions such as brown spots, age spots, freckles and melasma. In addition, it can be used for skin rejuvenation, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and acne scarring. It even removes tattoos.

Healite II™ LED and Masks

These treatments are like a Christmas bonus for your skin, an extra boost that couldn’t come at a more convenient time. Designed to enhance either your active skincare routine or your instore treatment, your skin will thank you with a radiant glow.

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