The sun is the greatest cause of skin ageing in Australia.

It has been proven that Australian woman have significantly more advanced signs of ageing at a younger age than our European or American sisters.

Why? Excess sun exposure. We live under a thin ozone layer, we inhabit the coast and take advantage of it!  And our climate means we spend more time outdoors.

SPF is THE most important step in your skincare routine.

Sun spots and pigmentation caused by UV exposure being measured using the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System, at the South Yarra Script Skincare store

Why does sun damaged skin age differently?

The sun is so damaging to our skin that the type of ageing it causes has its own special name; photoageing.

A good way to see how UV exposure changes your skin is to look at the inside of your arm where sun exposure and environmental insults have had little impact. The colour here is even and the texture smooth with a little fine wrinkling.  Then look at an area commonly exposed to the sun such as your forearms, neck or chest, and the picture may be very different.  There may be:

  • freckles
  • sunspots or moles
  • uneven skin colour
  • increased blood vessels
  • an overall dull, yellowish colour cause by damaged collagen fibres

All of the above occur due to the sun and its known effects on the top two layers of the skin.

This image clearly shows the impact the sun has on our skin. The top image shows the inside of the arm which is rarely exposed to the sun. The bottom shows the forearm which sees a lot of exposure and as a result shows sun spots, freckles, blood vessels and yellowing.

Find out how the sun is impacting all of your skin concerns, by reading this article.


Sunscreen is without doubt the most important step in your routine. But how else can you help your skin?

What are the best skincare ingredients to look for in order to repair your sun damage?


Aloe Vera



DNA Repair Enzymes

Green Tea

Titanium Dioxide

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Vitamin D




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