Why it's so important to maintain your normal skin.

Why are there four skin types?

For ease of classification, the Script algorithm has reduced the skin type section of your skin profile down to one of four skin types – Oily, Combination, Normal and Dry. This can make our technology sound simple but when we consider the other components that make up your profile such as sensitivity level and skin concerns, the possible permutations jump up to 13,440 possible skin profile combinations. From this, our dermatologist-created technology finds yours.

When we discuss skin type alone, we need to understand that we all fall somewhere on an infinite scale between dry as a chip and oily as a sardine, and that from season to season, or day to day, or even hour to hour we may move around on this scale. So keeping track of your skin type by regular reassessment using the Script test is important.

Normal skin is really rare.

It means your skin is in complete balance. And just as it is rare, it is also a bit elusive. In order to keep it that way, you must treat it that way. Like Goldilocks herself it’s about choosing products that are just right, nothing with a base too rich OR too astringent. So, while it is wonderful to be balanced in the middle of the scale, buyer beware, one false move can tip it.

What does normal skin look like?

Occasionally we might see someone with such flawless, glowing or bright skin that we do a double take. In this instance we are simply seeing the rarest skin type ‘normal’. Normal means that both layers of your skin are functioning in a cohesive and balanced manner, and that your pH level is sitting where it should.

To learn more about your skin’s barrier function and pH level, click here.

It means you don’t have a feeling of being dry or slick, neither can you see flakiness or excess oil on the surface. It means you have an even, regular texture which allows light to bounce off your collagen layer, which creates a glow. Normal skin is about being in completed balance.

Normal skin that is neither too oily or too dry, showing light reflectance from collagen.

The beauty of normal skin

Having a normal skin type gives you the benefit of greater choice when it comes to using active skincare but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use anything. It means that because your barrier function isn’t compromised, you are more likely to tolerate increasingly active ingredients, which means your skin concerns will improve faster! With normal skin you are at a great advantage, so it is important you keep it that way, balance is the key.

As you don't have to worry about normalising your skin type, you can focus your skincare on your skin concerns.

What are the best skincare ingredients to keep my skin normal?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)


Hyaluronic Acid


Vitamin B Family

Vitamin A (Retinol)


What are the best skin boosting treatments that can improve my skin type?

Healite II LED

Hydrafacial Treatment


Skin Peels


About the author

Our founder, dermatologist Assoc Professor Greg Goodman is Chief of Surgery at the Skin and Cancer Foundation (now Skin Health Institute) and Adjunct Associate Professor with Monash University. He is a go-to dermatology industry-insider for Vogue, Elle and Cleo — amongst others, and consults on pores, skin pigmentation, ageing and acne. Greg has over 30 years of experience both academically and professionally. He harnessed this knowledge and experience to create Script and take the confusion out of choosing skincare products. To learn more about Greg click here.

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