How to improve sagging skin

Skincare can only really play a supportive role.

The predominant problem here is a breakdown of dermal fibres and deeper tissues that make restoration with skincare alone difficult. Skincare’s role is as a preventative measure before the issue becomes too advanced. If more significant skin tightening is required, skincare will need to be used in conjunction with skin boosting treatments.

To prevent the issue from accelerating click here to learn more about what skincare ingredients help to slow down skin ageing.


If you’re experiencing skin sag you can blame it on gravity, the fact we age, genetics and time spent in the sun. Elasticity is our skin’s ability to snap-back when stretched, it keeps the skin taut and stops it sagging. Think about a crisp, new, cotton T-shirt, it holds its shape well. However, after many washes, the cotton fibres break down and it starts to stretch and bag. In skin, this happens because our collagen production slows down, and elastin, the fibres that enable the skin to snap back, stretch.

Loss of elasticity is exaggerated in some people who have severe sun damage but can also just be a consequence of genetics and natural ageing.

To learn how to test the elasticity of your skin watch this video.

What are the best skin firming products?

Firstly, what aren’t? Our Script Tip here is don’t believe in miracle cures. Over the years many firming miracle cures have been released to the market particularly targeting elasticity issues such as stretch marks and sagging bellies and have proved to be nothing more than moisturising creams.


So what can help your skin retain its elasticity?

What are the best skincare ingredients to look for in order to reduce sagging and fine lines?

Coenzyme Q10

Hyaluronic Acid

Growth Factors


Stem Cells

Vitamin A (Retinol)



What are the best skin boosting treatments to reduce sagging and fine lines?

Anti-wrinkle & contour injections

Bibella  Treatment

Skin Needling Treatment (SkinPen)

Spectra XT Revital  Treatment 

Tribella Treatment 

Venus Diamond Polar RF Skin Tightening

Venus Viva Frac RF


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