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The more you know about your skin, the better you can look after it. Our deceptively simple test can match you with one of over 13,439 skin profile combinations. From there you can learn why your skin is the way it is and what type of skincare will get results.

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Learn about your skin from Australia’s leading dermatologist. We’ve taken over 30 years of expert industry experience to give you the right advice, free. We provide access to expert guidance for everyday skincare without the costly visit to a dermatologist.

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We never push a certain product, unlike other skincare stores.
We will never recommend anything based on fads or sales.
Every product unlocked by our test is specifically suited to your skin type and concerns. We only recommend what we know will work for you.

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A great skincare routine can:

Reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles

Clear and reduce the size of pores

Heal and prevent acne

Diminish pigmentation

Save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in useless or harmful beauty products

And, most importantly, uncover your best skin

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With so much choice, the question is, how do you know who to trust when it comes to your skin?

This can lead you to buy into the hype of the latest brand or celebrity-endorsed skincare craze.

But these products or treatments may not actually benefit your skin at all.

The best way to know what is right for your skin is to talk to someone who specialises in skin, like a dermatologist, trained cosmetic nurse or dermal therapist.

This might be justified in certain cases, but access to this expert advice can be costly and time-consuming when you’re just trying to figure out what cleanser and moisturiser to use.


Great skincare products work harder, and usually include ‘active’ ingredients. These interact with your skin at a cellular level and are key to achieving results.

Improving your skin isn’t just about buying good products. The right skincare routine is paramount to improving and maintaining your skin’s elasticity and vitality.


This is the reason we created the free Script Skincare test.

In this 6 minute test, you’ll answer questions constructed by internationally award winning dermatologist and chief of surgery at the Victorian Skin and Cancer Foundation (now Skin Health Institute), Assoc. Prof. Greg Goodman.

You will benefit from the knowledge of one of the best in the industry, without an expensive specialist appointment.

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Building your skin profile is simple

  • Tell us your story
  • Discover your skin type
  • Skin concerns
  • Unlock your personalised skincare routine

The results of the test reveal your tailored skincare routine and unlock exclusive products to suit your profile.


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Australian women appear to be ageing as much as two decades faster than women in The USA and Canada. What role does suncare play in your beauty routine?

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Our founder, dermatologist Assoc Professor Greg Goodman is Chief of Surgery at the Skin and Cancer Foundation (now Skin Health Institute) and Adjunct Associate Professor with Monash University.

He is a go-to dermatology industry-insider for Vogue, Elle and Cleo — amongst others, and consults on pores, skin pigmentation, ageing and acne.

Greg has over 30 years of experience both academically and professionally in the treatment of skin cancer, Mohs (micrographic) surgery, lasers in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and the treatment of acne and post-acne scarring.

He harnessed this knowledge and experience to create Script. Script takes the confusion out of choosing skincare products and makes them accessible, without the barriers of expensive dermatology consults or the hype of the beauty industry.

He is a national trainer for numerous temporary dermal fillers and a member of several international editorial boards and advisory committees. He has always had a keen interest in skin care and skin therapeutics, and has published extensively on acne and acne scarring and the use of muscle relaxant injections, dermal fillers and lasers.

His current research interest is skin ageing. He has lectured widely both in Australia and overseas on the nature of skin ageing and its treatment and has designed software applications to assess and optimise treatment suggestions.

Greg works beyond skincare and has also collaborated with internationally renowned makeup artist Rae Morris.

Free shipping on orders over $150

Complete the test and make any purchase over $150 to receive a free shipping Australia-wide.

Each profile will be matched to a cosmeceutical grade and dermatologically-tested premium product from one of our trusted brands.

This is why knowing your individual skin profile is the essential first step to finding skincare that will actually benefit you and why we want to give you this most essential step for free.

Our whole ethos is based on giving you access to a skincare routine that delivers results.

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